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I'm Hannah!

I'm the Chief Creative Officer at Wholesome Media!  My job is to bring out the best creative characteristics from both our team and our clients.

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My Story

A constant in the midst of all the adventures that have led me to work with the team at Wholesome Media (including teaching, touring, and more!) is a passion for excellence and a desire to make a positive impact on the world around me! 🫶✨🌍 I love that my everyday tasks allow me to express my creativity through graphic design, content creation, and business management.   I'm a ✨details queen✨ and love keeping the company moving forward in an organized and efficient manner!

Fun Facts

I live in Winchester, VA, with my husband and our almost-one-year-old son!  My days consist of a fun balance of playing with our toddler, and engaging with clients and content on all the social channels. 

Outside of graphic design and content creation, I  enjoy expressing myself creatively through thrifting, creative writing, serving at my church, and the occasional DIY!

Fun Fact: I will use the sparkle emoji in almost every caption and context 😉✨ #girlythings

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