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We promote positive change.


Our Mission

We believe social media and digital marketing bring the community together, and the right message could lead to positive change.  We want to help individuals and businesses market themselves digitally through trendy, effective social media tactics.

Our vision for the company was clear before we even developed a name - we landed on Wholesome Media because we believe it to be a good picture of what our business is  about. Wholesome means ‘promoting moral well-being,’ which is what we hope to do for every business we come in contact with. 

Our Purpose

We have helped many business get more value our of their social media platforms. With over five years of professional experience, we are your social media and community building people. ​

We help people, just like you, from all over the world who don't have the time or just don't understand how to create an effective social media strategy.

We help people just like you develop a social media plan without  stress, crying, or giving up.


Our Story

In early 2020, Jeremy and Abby Linaburg started Wholesome Media in their hometown of Winchester,  Virginia as a young married couple exercising their creative and entrepreneurial spirits.  Both with educational backgrounds in Communications, Marketing, and Business, they used their winsome personalities and amazing social connections - both locally and through social media - to get their business off the ground.  After three amazing years of growth and a fluid team of young creatives working in partnership with them, the Linaburgs hired Hannah Pearson, both a friend and colleague, to manage the business as Chief Creative Manager.


In a short time, Wholesome Media has maintained some incredible working relationships with both domestic and international businesses, non-profits, and speakers/influencers, earning a reputation of being professional, forward-thinking, and proficient in the world of digital marketing and social media.


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